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Transportation in Jakarta
Numerous taxi companies run for the visitors the best being Bluebrid followed by Cendrawasih, Morante, and pusaka Niri taxis for they rum on meters. Car is not recommended mode of transport due to horrendous traffic jams and difficulty in navigating through one way streets and crazy freeways
The train system is recommended during lean hours for general use, peak hours using train travel can be avoided due to reported crime and sexual harassment
The Transjakarta Busway system is comfortable for public transport but again, avoid the rush hours. The user-friendly system has station announcements and an LED display inside the vehicles. The buses play between 5am to 10pm daily and public can transfer free between lines
Bajaj scooters fitted with a small cabin behind them move about like a tricycle and are easily negotiated through the traffic jams of Jakarta and the charges are around Rp6, 000. Ojeks are bikes driven by guys who can take you around for short distances for an agreed fare.
Water way taxis managed by Transjakarta bus way system is the latest addition in transportation. They are linked with the trains or bus transport system and an ideal way of transportation. Walking around center of Jakarta can be safe though crimes do happen in the poorer section of the city.

Jalan Jaksa has the mid range and upper range hotels for accommodation and finding a place for accommodation will not be that difficult in and around the town.
Food in Jakarta
Jakarta seems to be the most expensive within the archipelago. Numerous restaurants and warungs provide you with the Jakarta cuisine which is unique in its taste.

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