Introduction to Rings

Rings are an essential piece of jewelry to complete your fashion accessories. It is one of the most common fashion accessories in the history of man. As any woman wants look good in anything she wears, rings can complement any style of clothing for any season.

It’s basically a circular ornament, which is hollow in the middle, worn on the finger. Traditionally it’s worn on the finger, but it can also be worn on the arm, neck and toes as well.

Common Types of Rings

Finger rings are the most common. It can be worn by both men and women. It is made with different types of materials. It is usually decorated or set with a precious stone. Rings also have different sizes and purposes. The most popular is the engagement and wedding ring. There are particular jewelry shops that specialize in wedding rings. Rings are the easiest fashion accessory to find. Their prize varies from the precious stones that they are designed with. Diamonds are woman’s best friend, and they can prove to be very expensive.

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History of Rings

In earlier times, they were used for artistic purposes and serve as a symbol. They were also believed to hold magical powers according to Norse mythology and folklore. These were later on injected in fantasy stories and fairytales.

Arm rings are also termed as armbands. In earlier history, they were common among men and are used to ward off bad luck. Women also wore them as a jewelry accessory during special occasions and gatherings such as wedding and dances. They were made of gold and worn around the biceps. Today, they are not as common as finger rings.

Neck rings are worn by African and Asian tribes to give the illusion of an elongated neck. Unfortunately, this is unhealthy and causes neck pain and deformities.

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Toe rings are new fashion accessories. Originally, they were worn as an old practice in India for the bride then adapted by western culture for aesthetic purposes.

Where to Find Them

Wedding rings are the most common and important jewelry today. It’s not just a fashion accessory but also symbolizes marriage and commitment. Unfortunately, they seem to be more of an investment rather than a simple purchase.

There are other options where you can search for rings such as the internet. Wholesale fashion jewelry online is a good way to look for a bargain. All you need to do is find a fashion jewelry supplier to get a good deal without emptying your pockets.

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