Dario Franchiti is the Man

It’s Dario in the Indianapolis 500 results finals. After an almost perfect 500 mile at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and leading six times for 155 laps. I say that this is such a much deserved win. Not to mention a much deserved $2.75 Million for the win. Dario Franchiti was the best driver in the recently concluded 2010 Indianapolis 500. Our most favourite Scottish driver wasn’t a likely choice in the beginning. In fact he even confessed that winning the Indianapolis 500 the first time was hard to sink in, the second time he was already speechless. But he proved to us all that he does belong to the same league with all the great Indianapolis drivers like Dan Weldon (who finished second).

Another incident that will make us not to forget the Indianapolis 500 was the accident involving Mike Conway. It was so unfortunate for Mike Conway to have met this incident at the last lap of the Indianapolis 500 race. He was taken to the hospital immediately from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Well, fans, that only goes to show that this sport is not to be taken likely. Professionals do still get injured and sometimes things do go wrong. So that means, don’t try this at home!

However, “that is the worst car I have ever had,” words from megastar Danica Patrick during the Indianapolis 500 qualifying rounds would probably stick to my mind long after 2010 Indianapolis 500 is far and over. Although she would be an all-time favourite being the cutest on the tracks, I think that Danica was way over herself saying that. As professionals, they should watch themselves before making such words fly. They may not just hurt themselves alone but others. Any how, she also mentioned that one is supposed to get better, yeah? Well, I guess we will just have to see 2011 Indianapolis 500 results to find out if she really is to improve her 6th place race from this year and her tact for that matter.

2011 Indianapolis 500 happens 29 May.

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