During the ice age, Borneo, Sumatra, Java and Bali were connected by land, which helped in the migration of people. At the end of Ice age, many islands were formed. The separation of Ireland and England from Europe, Sri Lanka from India, Philippines from Asia, Taiwan from China, and New Guinea from Australia, at the end of ice age. Only after this period, the agriculture, domestication of animals, and wild crops started.

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There was a steep increase in the population which relatively lead to formations of villages, towns and cities; specialization in the occupations and the beginning of epidemics. The continental drift theory or plate tectonics indicates the several surfaces of the earth and its stable irregular movement.

The continents we find in our map are not the fixed landscape. That is the reason for the emergence of the Himalaya Mountains. Indian Ocean is in the southern Bali. The Indian/Australian plate got collided and sank under the Eurasian plate, causing earthquake zone in-between the plates. This earthquake zone is nearly 100 kilometers, under the southern Bali.

Apart from the scientific origination of the island Bali, there are so many mythological origination to this island.

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