When rainfall is talked over, Bali has numerous hundred inches of it, which ultimately resulted in tropical forests. But due to the irrigation system, the forests rest only in the western part of the island. The temperature is about 27 C/81F, throughout the year. The three main reasons for this constant temperature is

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· The high humidity

In Bali, heat that comes from the earth absorbs the radiation of the sun and again it is re-radiated and engrossed by the moisture of the air. This constant higher level of humidity comprises the constant temperature.

· Proximity to the water

Generally, water tends to absorb the heat without much change in the temperature. And the same process is applied to the cooling. The temperature of water seems to be more than the land. As the area of Bali is not away from sea above 40 km., the process is the same throughout the island.

· Near the equator

As Bali is situated near the equator, it relatively provides equal length of day and night, which leads to constant temperature.
When we discuss about the seasons of Bali, the two main seasons are the wet and the dry ones. In the months of December, January, and February, the rainfall is about 300mm, each month and in the remaining year, it is just 100mm/month. There could be modulations due to the altitude.

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