Bleaching agents or tooth paste should never be applied to clean them. They will erode the silver article and even make a hole in it. Proper care is most important. Anybody can buy but preserving is important. Taking good care of articles is important.
Cleaning with smooth cloth is important, Otherwise scratch marks will form on the metal which will be difficult to remove and will give an old dull finish. If you think it is difficult to clean you can always take it to the jewelers shop and he will clean and polish it for you.
Nowadays we get good polishes in the market which make the job very easy. If you wear the silver jewels they tend to remain shiny since the oil in our body protects it from spoiling and act as a cleaning agent. Use the jewelry you have well Even the cooking vessels can be cleaned with soapy water and dried in a warm, place away from sun. Sunlight tends to spoil the silver ornaments
Silver is considered as a wealth like property, gold etc; Rich people show their richness by having even pots in silver. They eat in silver plates, drink in silver tumblers. AS they say he has been brought up with a silver spoon while referring to a rich man’s child.

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