Shopping at slightly damaged sale bins, outlet malls and warehouse store can save a lot of money for you; but with a little effort, you can beat the lowest prices of a retailer by purchasing wholesale.

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·The Telephone Book: Go through the business section of your telephone for the category of the material that you are interested in buying at a wholesale price. For instance, if your business uses a lot of dried flowers, search for “Dried Flowers – Wholesale”. Note down the phone numbers of the merchants who offer dried flowers and then call them to find out if there is any offer of special offers for shopping by the general public. The prices may be slightly higher than wholesale but as yet they are cheaper than retail.

·Join Groups: Search the Net for groups that have the same interest that you do. Joining email newsgroups or reading site forums will help you keep aware of associations that you can join. These associations buy wholesale or get group discounts in the specific area of your interest.

·Business License: You may think of getting yourself a business license or a reseller’s license from your state or city if you are ordering material in bulk or are using a specific item a lot. Wholesalers will let you buy from them if you have such a license, though they might want you to buy a minimum quantity from them to avail of the bargain lower prices. If you resell the merchandise that you had purchased or resell something fabricated out of the material you bought, yours is a legitimate business. Prepare yourself to do research on taxes, fees and other legal requirements to check if the business is cost effective.

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