Matt Hughes Death Was Suicide! 1

Matt Hughes. Who would have thought that he would decide to take his own life?

Earlier this year at the time of his death, Discovery Channel claimed that Matt Hughes died of an accident at home. Not among his fans suspected that he committed suicide. And ofcourse we understand the reason why the family would keep Matt Hughes cause of death from being publicized. It’s a family matter. It was personal to them.

However, TMZ confirmed reports that Matt Hughes indeed died from suicide. That on May 14 2010, police responded to a suicide call from the Hughes’ home. Matt Hughes died almost two weeks later.

It is very hard to accept and understand how men like Matt Hughes, who lived his life on extreme dangers chasing storms to help others, would take his own life? I mean he was young, got kids, just starting to flourish in his career on TV as a storm chaser. It is hard to believe as reports would have it that Matt Hughes was suffering from depression all his life. Somebody would have notice and somebody would have helped him. Were people around Matt Hughes really that insensitive not to notice about this?

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