Know about Hibiscus part 2

Kinds of Hibiscus flower

There are several kinds of hibiscus flowers. According to pattern and shape of the hibiscus flower they are further classified in to many kinds. They are namely Flame Ball, Gator Pride, Lavender Lady, Erin Rachael, Hawaiian Sunset and Electric Blue.

In Hawaiian island the hibiscus flower found with rich quality and familiar too. The locals of Hawaiian refer this flower as Pua Aloalo and also considered as national flower for Hawaii islands. The Chinese hibiscus is generally marketed as ornamental use. In Malaysia the hibiscus rosa sinensis flower is venerated as their national flower. The species of Hibiscus syriacus is regarded as national flower for the country South Korea.

Commercial use of Hibiscus

The cosmetic world has identified the merits of Hibiscus flower as remedy for hair fall problem. The whole community is now following the importance of Hibiscus and its remedial properties of controlling the dandruff. Generally the hibiscus is used in treatment for controlling the dandruff where the leaves applied with herbal oils on the scalp of the head. The hibiscus removes toxins from the head and enhances the blood circulation. It also supplies the important nutrients to the hair follicles. The presence of hibiscus in head and scalp treatment resists from chemical pollutants damaging the hair. Apart from the cosmetic use the flower can also add beauty to your garden with their rich colors.

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