History unfolded as the Health Care bill was passed. A significant number of Americans will benefit from this legislation which will result from the health care reform, an estimated 32 Millions will have coverage due to the extension provided by the bill which also regulates the insurance industry.

It was made possible by the House Democrats approval which gave the unanimous health care vote result over the Republican opposition. The health care tally showed 219-212 vote which was the final approval by the house of representatives, Changes were adopted to the health care bill after the approval has been made by the House with the vote 220 to 211 which be passed to Senate for final vote. Several Democrats they have expressed their excitement on the impact of this legislative act which according to them will definitely change a huge part of quality of living for millions of Americans.

President Obama has been working for this legislation to pass since last year. The president will be signing the legislation this Tuesday. Even though the legislation is mainly for the benefit of the common American citizen, there are still several groups who have negative responses to the healthcare bill passed. Some people have gather near the capitol to stage their sentiments about possible unfavorable consequences to the federal budget,

The budget office has some concern regarding the possibility of a budget deficit. They are considering savings in Medicare, new taxes and fees and additional taxes from high cost health plans to be factors that will prevent the deficit. Despite this possibility, the health care bill is still considered a great development for the social security of the American people. This bill was one of the issues being raised to both parties during the United States Presidential Elections. President Obama’s campaign was very strong with its goal for health care reform. Today a huge step has been made by the Democratic Party to the direction of complete economic recovery where the President intends to bring the United States.

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