The Diversity of Sarong 1

Sarong is a popular type of clothing in Asia. It has batik designs – a form of cloth painting, artfully and skillfully done, usually depicting Asian culture and colors. The sarong has many uses – proving its diversity and flexibility.

Though extremely functional, the sarong is also very decorative. It has invaded the fashion scene; in fact there are haute couture designers that incorporate the sarong in their collections. You can see models strutting out their stuff on the catwalk using the sarong as a scarf or shawl.

What is a Sarong?

Sarong is traditionally a straight fabric/cloth designed in different ethnic themes and is most commonly used as a skirt. It has different variations. In some instances, it may come as a tube-like cloth where the sides are seamed and only the ends are open. To wear this type of sarong, one has to slip it on. This type of sarong is usually used as a skirt or a tube dress.

In some cases, the sarong can be a sheet of cloth (just like a small blanket) which has to be wrapped or draped around the body. This type is usually used as an outer cover for swim suits or as a picnic blanket.


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