Terror Bosses Beware! Unvarnished is Here!

Just when you think that you’ve already seen the worst the internet has to offer, along comes Unvarnished, a networking site that would either bring laughter or pain to everyone. Why? Because Unvarnished lets you post praises about a certain persons profile, but the funny thing is it also lets you bash your co-worker, friend or boss online. You could post all your negative comments about any person that you know, or probably don’t know. What do you think? Does the existence of a website such as Unvarnished be taken seriously at all? But why not, right? The people behind Unvarnished said: “By contributing Unvarnished reviews you can share your knowledge about other professionals, giving credit when due and providing valuable feedback when needed.”
Unvarnished is a social networking site established by Pete Kazanjy, Jason Heidema and Danis Dayanov and is presently on an invitation only testing stage accessible to users via an invitation or through a Facebook friend invited by someone else.
Perhaps the only good thing about Unvarnished is that reviews posted by other people would remain anonymous, which adds to the overall silliness of this site but it does open the door to people who have trouble expressing themselves and want to find a medium to post their feelings whether its hatred, anger, fear or to express satisfaction and joy. Talk about freedom of speech. But where do we draw the line on Unvarnished? No where. If porn sites are given free reign to exploit their sensitive material then there’s probably no reason why Unvarnished couldn’t do the same. It’s conflicting in a way but Unvarnished does serve a purpose. Who knows, you might suddenly find yourself checking the website and would bet a months salary that it would be, no question, entertaining as well.

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