Gemstone Treatments

v Radiation and heat are often utilized to enhance or change colors.

v A gem’s color is deepened by the use of diffusion. The method only intensifies the outer layers of the gemstone.

v Waxes and oils enhance the color of the gemstone by filling up fine cracks on the surface making them disappear temporarily.

v Gems are coated with a colored or clear epoxy resin or other substances by a method known as fracture filling. This treatment fills out cracks and the appearance of the gemstone is improved.

v Clarity is improved and inclusions removed by laser drilling.

v If the word “enhanced” is used in any form in either advertisements or disclosures, it means that the gemstone has, in some way, been treated.

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Are Treatments Of Gemstones Permanent?

Some treatments are permanent, some are not. Treatments by heat can be either permanent or temporary since they create change of color that are permanent in some gemstones and temporary ones in others.

Always inquire whether the jewelry that you are interested in has gemstones that have been treated. If it has been treated, find out what treatment was used and if it is permanent.

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