Forty Winks in Extra Comfort

Sleeping is the only time a person could recuperate from the harsh day she’s had. But the older one grows, the lesser sleep she gets. What could you do to add a few hours to that beauty rest you need?

Comfort Matters

Yes, comfortable clothing actually matters. A woman might want to feel sexy while sleeping while others just want pajamas. Cotton long pants solve the problem. They are both sexy and comfortable. Made of cotton, these pants come in a variety of colors and designs, which will ensure the fun factor. How about getting the pants in a swirl of rainbow colors?

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Handcrafted and uniquely designed, the pants will ensure uniqueness and will represent your personality. Be extra careful when choosing your pants for the night though. If you choose a naughty pair of pants and you are ready to zonk out, oh-oh, be careful, your partner will think you’re in the mood. Or vice versa. If you wear drab and tired-looking pants, one look at you and your partner will turn off the light and kiss you good night in the forehead, and snore through the night.

Besides, when you sleep in comfortable clothing and in outfits that make you feel good, you will have a better sleep. What is better than going to sleep knowing that you look good? Nothing is worse than your partner coming home and finding you on bed, looking haggard and exhausted and dressed drably.

Cuddle Time

Sleeping alone is a boo-boo. Sleeping with someone in a warm and fuzzy pair of pajamas is a wonderful experience. You will get extra heat if you tuck your cold feet in the blankets or feel even warmer when he wraps you in his embrace. Cotton long pants add the oomph in cuddling and give you another reason to hug and to play.

wholesale pants pan15

Do away with traditional pajamas with their long sleeves and super long pants. It’s time you wake up to the reality cotton long pants can offer. You can be both sexy and comfortable at the same time. Why wear pajamas with long sleeves if you can get them in short sleeves? Also, why be a slave of tradition? Experiment. Be crazy. Try out new products. Try the cotton long pants in a variety of colors. Blue for Monday, yellow for Tuesday, red for Wednesday…you get the idea. You can even suggest that you both have matching cotton long pants.

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