A Statement Coat

For some time I have kept away from bright coats because of these reasons:

1. I thought that they drew a lot of attention and

2. I thought that they were not practical –I could not see yourself wearing the same one again and again.

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Then, on an impulse, I tried on a three-quarter length coat in red wool that looked beautiful and was from J. Crew. I felt transformed. The richness, the texture and the color enveloped me in warmth. I felt beautiful.

I purchased the coat at once and now I wear it always. It is my confidence booster and I think that all tall women should have one. Go ahead and buy one that you feel is not practical. Purchase a coat that is beautiful, luxurious and rich. Every time you put it on it will surprise you by the amazing feeling that you get.

A Great Bra

Let us get real here. When you are tall, you are going to get noticed by the people surrounding you … all of you. You shouldn’t have your lady parts bursting out in place they shouldn’t or hanging low. Go ahead and get yourself a couple of bras. At the same time get yourself a pair of sexy panties also. When you are lifted up and tucked in properly, you will feel a lot better about the whole outfit that you are wearing.

A Small Bag

A small bag is a practical item. I love big and heavy bags that make a statement just as much as any other woman. But to my knowledge almost all tall women suffer from back pain. Don’t make the pain worse by toting a big and heavy bag wherever you go. If it absolutely necessary that you carry a big bag when going to work, keep a small one inside – just enough to carry your keys, ID and wallet. This way, in case you have to run an errand or two during the day, just take the small bag. Give your back some rest.

Flamboyant High Heels

Go ahead and get yourself a pair of the most outlandish, brightest and highest high heel shoes that you can find. Just ensure that it is a pair that you love. Wear them for a “tall girls’ night out” or when you want people to notice you. It is possible that you might not find them very useful but if they bring a smile to your face when you think of them, then they are worth every dollar you paid for them and have done their job.

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