Final Witness Recalls Caffey Murders. 1

As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.
Joshua 24:15

That was what the door sign says and that was all what was left after the Caffey house burn down.

The Caffey family were good Christian people. That is why no one could believe that Erin Caffey, the family’s 16 year old daughter would plan to butcher and toast her family. No one ever thought that Erin Caffey can do such a heinous crime. See what happened on that night in Texas when Erin Caffey decided that it’s about time the family is put to death. ABC airs a new program ‘Final Witness’ which dramatizes true to life crime scenes in the eyes of the (dead) victim.

On its initial broadcast, Final Witness takes on the Erin Caffey story. And tell the story in the eyes of the deceased mother, Penny Caffey. It was said that Terry Caffey, father of Erin Caffey gave his approval in this project. Marc Isaacs will play his role.

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