Fashionable Crochets

Crocheting is usually associated with old grandmas and single women in their sixties. The word ‘crochet’ is almost certain to invoke the image of an old lady in her rocking chair with hooks and balls of yarn and surrounded by her pet cats. Yes, it’s homey but it’s not exactly your idea of high fashion, is it?

Okay, now picture this: Jennifer Lopez shaking water off her crochet bikini. Now that’s a pretty tempting picture, isn’t it?

Crochet is In

Crocheting or crochets have found their way into the fashion scene not only in clothes, but also into bags, hats, belts, sandals, and head bands. Nowadays, it’s very fashionable to be caught wearing a crocheted item.

Well-known designers have found a way to enhance the uniqueness and style of crochet, thus launching the style in the fashion scene. Now, you can find crocheted shawls, cardigans, tops, and what-have-you’s with designer labels on them.

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Crochets have evolved from mere yarn knit together. Crochet items now have different types of thread. The basic yarn is also now combined with different fabrics to give crochets a modern and stylish look. Others like them with beads and semi-precious stones that add glamour to the crochet look.

Why They’re Priceless

Calling them priceless may be quite an exaggeration but they are, in a way, priceless because each crocheted piece is hand-woven and done with great attention to detail. This does not jive with the values of today’s fashion industry where fast production and the bottom line are foremost.

With crochets, each hand-woven piece is given the attention and detail it needs so that the end-result would be an exquisite piece of fabric. A crochet item is definitely worth the effort and the price tag, though. The way a crochet dress clings to the body shows off a little (or a lot) of your curves. Your skin tone also becomes an integral part of the outfit, especially if your dress has with big crochet loops. A crochet shawl or pashmina also makes the perfect accessory for a night out in town.

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Crocheted items are hot these days. You can even see them in baby clothes, bags, pillowcases and such. They also make cool mobile phone holders and iPod cases.

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So the next time you see your grandma sitting on her rocker with her hooks, yarn and all, you might want to ask her how she does it. Crochets are the “in” thing right now and learning how to make them could actually save you some money and fill your closet with gorgeous crochets. However, if you are truly not cut out for crocheting, just shop online where you’ll find enough stores selling quality crochets at very reasonable prices.

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