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Among many models that struck during the period of 1970 were includes bell bottom pants, high waist banana jeans, Capris, Evening wear, Chemin de fer jeans, jumpsuits, army jackets, Suede jackets with fringes, and high waist jeans with glitter socks.

The teenage girls followed the style of wearing the dresses like knee length peasant shirts. This usually comes with brilliant red in color. It attracted many followers of the fashion designers. Gypsy tops with light texture materials in dark colored made much more impact on fashion of late 1970’s. The peasant skirts helped many teenagers in tackling the hot summer. Awesome dress materials like knee length peasant skirts with amazing red color and baby pink color made hot fashion in the year of 1970.

Another dress which made limelight in the year 1970 was wraparound skirt. This skirt made up of cotton fabric which favored to use this dress in fighting against the hot climate of summer. V necked tank tops with trendy colors made entry during the year of 1970. The Corduroys dress material with colors of brown and green made swashbuckling entry in to the year of 2000. It is generally termed as poor man’s velvet. The other late entry in the fashion world was Cheesecloth dress material with shrink appearance also hit the local market. The men have brought momentum in wearing the Hang Ten satin jackets and leopard skin pattern dresses.

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