All of us have items of clothing that we cycle throughout the seasons. The favorite dress of the previous year is no longer in fashion or it fades or is replaced by the latest model. This kind of “fashion cycling” is quite normal but there are a few staple dresses that each and every woman should have. Ensure that when you buy staple fashions you are doing so wisely and see that the clothing is well-made and the accessories such that they will last for a few years or even more.

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Little Black Dress

The little black dress can be worn for almost any occasion. Women who are tall must keep an eye for a dress that can be dressed up or down, falls a couple of inches just above the knees and at the same time looks modest when worn with a blazer or a cardigan.

The Prefect Pair Of Jeans

You could own about twenty pairs of jeans but half of them are too small and a few of them too short and what you have left is just a couple of them to pick on when you choose to go out.
Go right ahead and choose for yourself a couple of perfect jeans. Keep an eye out for dark-wash ones that will skim the floor when worn with short heels or athletic shoes. They are bound to shrink a little and you will be left with a pair the fits perfectly.

Also, ensure that you do the squat test. Squat down with the jeans on to see whether the waistband at the back dips low, showing too much of skin in the back. You may also have to buy jeans such that your panties do not show. The mid-rise should be just high enough.

Tailored Pants

Tall women, every one of them, must have at least one tailored pant suit in her wardrobe. Pick on a color that is neutral like gray, navy, brown or black and a style that will be in fashion for years. Choose a simple cut. A jacket that reaches down to your hips and one with wide legs. They should be long enough to be worn with heels. Also, take your time and find a jacket with sleeves that are long enough to reach down to the first knuckle of your thumb. A couple of decades from now, when you take out this suit for a job interview, you will be happy that you took pains to follow the above advice.

Killer Boots

If you open your closet one morning and find that you do not have at least a pair of knee-high boots that are sexy and that can be worn with a skirt, a suit or a pair of jeans, then it is high time you got yourself a pair. Choose a pair that is nice and in either brown or black with moderate heels: about a couple of inches high. Keep clear of any that are extreme when it comes with square, round or pointed toes. Go in for a pair that will look well in spite of the current trend.

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