Spread Some ‘Color’ Around With Your Bright and Fashionable Clothes!

Imagine a world without colors—how dull it would be! Yes, nature has bestowed her own color to our earth, but you can do your bit by donning differently-hued and trendy clothes too! Now, different professions demand different dress codes, but we shall concentrate on formal attire or corporate colors here.

While some organizations do not enforce a rigid dress code, others are quite dogmatic about their rules and regulations. Just consider, if your employer allows denim to be part of your uniform or allows you to enter the office premises in pleasantly-colored apparel of your choice, what a difference it is going to make to your outlook on life. Since you feel comfortable in what you are wearing, you present an approachable demeanor. Thus, you come across as someone who truly enjoys his work; your productivity is never in question.

In contrast, if you work for a company which cares nothing for your comfort, your productivity is bound to be affected. How can you feel relaxed with others when you are not relaxed yourself? As a matter of fact, you just might take out your ire on your fellow-workers, resulting in their avoiding you as much as possible. It is a natural human tendency to want others to suffer as you are suffering!

— to be continued

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