The term “Fashion” is general in nature and refers to the up-to-date style or practice and pertains especially to dressing, footwear and accessories. Technically speaking “Fashion” usually refers to clothing to the public. Popularly, costume is referred to fancy dresses and “Fashion” usually refers to clothes and related studies. Fashion has now grown into a large industry with large employment opportunities, huge investments and roping in huge returns .

Our wholesale products


The clothing and apparel industries manufacture clothes from both natural and synthetic fibers like Jeans, Silk, Rayon, Lenin, Polyester and Cotton. The industry covers a whole gamut of every kind of clothing from men’s, women’s and children’s dresses, wedding dresses both men’s and women’s and even lingerie.

Supply Chain

Raw material, manufacturing of clothes, export, retail shops and customers for the supply chain in the fashion industry.

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