You are aware of the fact that as you are choosing your clothing, the choice of other fashion accessories too is very important. As a woman, it is almost impossible for you to go anywhere without your bag. So, when you are going for this party, you can make a white small bag your choice.

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Remember that you are going to the beach , where there is enough sunshine. To protect your eyes from getting affected by this sunlight, you will do well to make use of a sunglass.

Also, to protect your self further from the sun, you can as well wear a sun hat or a wide brimmed hat. They will help protect you from sunshine that may not have much positive effect on you.

The best way to get by on a beach is to wear a flat sandal. Your flat sandal must be another fashion accessory that you need to take along with you while going for a beach wedding. You will not want your feet to be buried in the sand of the beach, hence the importance of the flat sandal on the beach. This sandal will ensure that you are able to maintain your free movement on the heavy sand of the beach.

There is another thing you will need to take along, and that is a camera. Remember that this is your first time and you will like to capture as much great stuff as possible.

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