When we go for shopping we will be fascinated by the different type of jewels available in the shops. It is a costly investment so special care has to be taken before buying. It can be made out of gold, silver, and platinum, if affordable. If not we can go for other jewels made from glass, wood, one carrot gold which looks exactly like gold, metals etc.
Depending upon the money we are going to invest we can choose what to buy. We can buy bangles, ear rings, anklets, nose rings. Finger rings chains; only thing is we must have enough money to buy all this.
Apart from buying gold as an ornamental thing people buy to invest the extra money they have Since gold is always considered as the best type of investment, it has never come down, going up and up While buying ornamental gold we have to be extra careful about the stones inlaid on them .They may be pearl, diamond, American diamond, jade, colored stones etc; Stone inlaid jewelry has to be kept safely in a box so that the stones don’t fall. When we go to a shop we have a wide range of jewels to choose from. The price also varies from shop to shop depending upon the design we choose. Exclusive jewelries are costly compared to the traditional ones. They may not have the value of gold for the money invested. But people prefer to wear them.

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