USA Redemption at the World Cup 1

After two weeks of a roller-coaster ride came the USA redemption. I bet USA fans were in need to look for someone to hug in the dramatic 1-0 victory on the US-Algeria world cup match.

The US came out victorious in the recent USA-Algeria match at the World Cup. The USA-Algeria was the most anticipated game so far as a loss would surely mean elimination. This also proved to be the most emotional sporting event that unites our American brothers. With the good spirit now enveloping the team and the entire nation, I bet that good things are yet to come.

The US surely gave their heart and soul to the US-Algeria match. There was no room for a draw at the US-Algeria bout whatsoever. Both teams needed a single light to make that happened. For the Americans, not the recent ho-ha with Koman Coulibaly’s refereeing could damp the spirit. This was a make or break situation for both USA-Algeria and clearly the Americans were not choosing the ‘break’ side. They were determined to win.

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