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When you hear the word Hawaii what usually comes to mind is a bit of paradise on Earth. Palm trees, long stretches of beaches and easygoing, happy people. Hawaii natives have a long history of tradition that, to date, they celebrate and remember. What are some things traditionally Hawaiian? Hulas, leis, grass skirts and colorfully printed garments.

Hawaii is also known for its luau parties, where everyone gets together to celebrate friendship. If you’ve been to Hawaii, you probably noticed the island’s relaxed atmosphere. No one here is after a deadline all the time; or running around trying to juggle family life and a demanding career.

Happy Colors, Happy People

Natives of Hawaii are known for their hospitality and friendliness. You will hardly ever run into a native Hawaiian who did not have a smile on his or her face. Their easygoing nature and openness are evident in all things Hawaiian including their clothes.

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Aloha dresses are usually worn for casual occasions. However, there are some designs that can be appropriate for semi-formal gatherings. For instance, formal aloha shirts are not as bright and loud as their casual counterparts and the designs are not as wild.

Tropical Island

As Hawaii is a tropical island, the weather here is more sunny than rainy. This is why aloha shirts and dresses are very popular in the island – especially among tourists. The colorful designs that are easy on the eyes are also refreshing in the island’s hot weather.

Aloha shirts and dresses are colorful and are designed with animal pictures, flowers, and other things typically found in a tropical place. The colors are bright and will really grab your attention especially if you’re a visitor to the island.

Sometimes, the designs are symbolic of a certain place in the island, or of certain folklore. Visitors to the island especially like these kinds of Hawaiian designs because they want to hold a part of the island’s history and bring it home.

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These kinds of designs, however, are no longer exclusive to the island. You might run into people wearing these kinds of shirts in other tropical places, usually during summer where beaches and islands are regular destinations.

Hawaiian clothing such as the Aloha shirts has become symbolic of the Hawaiian people’s way of life and the island’s happy nature. They have also become a favorite take-home item after a relaxing vacation. They usually make ideal gifts for the people back home. They can simply be tokens by which the island and the vacation could be remembered.

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