The cultures of the world can be divided into the Eastern and the Western. Mostly the culture reflects the country from which the people originate .However there is a lot of similarity among the westerners and the Easterners. First of all we can guess a person’s nationality from his or her appearance, and then comes the dress, then when we move closer the eating habits, language, rituals they follow, etc. Basically being human beings we all have certain things in common, but still we can differentiate certain things .Now a days dress can’t be the criteria to differentiate since everybody wears the dress available in the place where they live in.
The eating habits differ from country to country. Rice is the staple food for Eastern countries and they prefer to eat cooked vegetables, where as the Westerners prefer to eat bakery items, fresh raw vegetables, rich cakes desserts etc. Language is a big bar between the countries. Each country has many languages but luckily English is the common language throughout the world except a few European countries. Without language it will be difficult to communicate with each other. It is always better to know the common language.
Life style varies from place to place. People living in big cities lead a fast life whereas in small places they live a quiet lethargic life. In order to survive in this fast world we have to change according to the modern trend and go ahead. The other culture reflecting thing is sports and entertainment. Different countries have different type of entertainment .like dances, music, musical instruments. And people sing in their way depending upon where they originate from Cinemas are a type of entertainment which depicts the culture of the people .Oscar awards are given to integrate the various cultures of the world. Cinemas and dramas are encouraged to spread the culture of the different parts of the world.
In Western countries the people live as they wish and Divorces and remarriages are quiet common. Whereas in the Eastern countries the people are more family oriented and prefer to live together as one family .It is mainly because of the religion they follow which preaches them a morality and a principle which they are forced to follow. Without proper regulation the life will go like a river without barriers on either side.
In the modern world people move around from one place to other easily and hence the drift in the culture since they tend to change certain habits due to the place where they migrate. But still it is always better to remember the place where we come from and follow our principles in life wherever we are to lead a happy and peaceful life.

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