Different types of horn earrings would be stud- a design that is so simple, looks like just being clipped in your ears. But actualy, it has a stick that goes through the hole of the ears. The pearl stud is the most common among women for formal occasions. It looks great while it matches your get up. A hoop made from horn is also a design that surrounds around the hole of the ear.

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If you have long face, a chandelier and studs would be appropriate for you. While plump face should take the long earrings to focus the eye down instead of accross. If you have short neck, do not wear horn dangling earrings as it accentuate the very small space between your shoulder and ear. In general, the round studs would fit to everyone. Because this is a classic design, it lasts a lifetime even if there are new designs are introduced. The most sophisticated designs should be worn during evenings and special occassions.

Take note that not all earrings are made from real gold or silver, if you have sensitive skin earrings made from nickels and wires may affect your skin. So best suggestion for this is the organic made jewelries. Organic materials such as horn, wood, seed and a lot more.

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