Diane Downs – A Story to Die For


We all remember Diane Downs as a child murderer. We don’t need to recall how she shot her three children. She left one dead and two severely injured from the gunshots. Her motives: to be with the man she was obsessed with. Her life and story was more put to fame by “Small Sacrifices” a book written by Ann Rule. Not long after the book hit the shelves, “Small Sacrifices” was made into a TV movie earning the Diane Downs’ story an even more popularity.

And now, people take a new particular interest on Diane Downs’ story as Rebecca Babcock surfaced. And everyone is asking, how are Diane Downs’ Children now?

Rebecca was Diane Downs’ love child. Rebecca was delivered shortly before her mother was sentenced to prison for the murders. Rebecca grew up not knowing that her biological mother was a child murderer. Reports have it that the shocking reality got Rebecca when she watched “Small Sacrifices” at 16.

In the interview, she called her mother disgusting, a monster, among other names as she watched “Small Sacrifices”. It could be that watching “Small Sacrifices” made a big dent on her life and made it difficult for her to process things. That is the reason why she made bad decisions for herself like doing drugs, getting wild and eventually getting herself pregnant at 17. However, she resurrected herself and detached her dimmed roots behind. She refused to be labelled as a murderer’s child.

The two kids who survived the shooting, Christie and Danny, however, have grown up since the TV movie “Small Sacrifices.” Danny though paralyzed, went to college and was on the Varsity Swimming Team. Christie is now married with a child and is into social work. It is just so sad that Diane Downs Children Now on ABC wasn’t able to locate these two for an update on how they are today. We only know that they were adopted by the prosecutor who sent their mom away. I do hope, and I know that I am not alone in this, that there would be a follow up on the story of Diane Downs Children Now which would feature all three children or how is Diane Downs today.

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