A new following has been found in the world of fashion as men have started embracing their fashionable side and have started to demand a more extensive selection in the choice of their clothes.

With role models like Justin Timberlake, Jude Law and David Beckham it is of no wonder that the past ten years has seen a rise in the stores catering to dedicated men’s fashion. There has been a sharp increase in the market for men’s wear and this has led to a corresponding increase in designer shops and outlets that stock merchandise that specifically provide for this new class of men who are fashion conscious.

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It seems that fashion is no longer the sole industry for women as men of all backgrounds and ages are getting more and more in touch with their dress sense and personal style. Several reasons can be attributed to the emergence of this new trend. In the first place, men are no longer reticent about expressing themselves regarding their choices of fashion. Instead at the thought of reviling themselves by wearing a pink shirt, their metrosexuality is being embraced by them and they are tuning themselves to the fashion trends of the present days. The new interest in fashion may have been influenced by the celebrity world. This is because famous icons of style are all contributing to the making of fashion for men cool. They are also leading the way for creative styles with a keen eye for fashion.

Role models of men such as TV personalities and sports stars all have played their role in convincing man that a good sense of fashion can not only further your career but can also make you feel terrific about your appearance. Magazines such as Men’s Vogue and “GQ” and showa such as “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy” have given the fashion for men a platform from which they can gather advice and tips to follow in their daily lives.

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