Mike Castle Defeated! 1

In one of the most surprising primary results, Incumbent Mike Castle was defeated by tea party candidate Christine O’Donnell. Mike Castle was almost a sure win against Democrat Christopher Coons in the general elections. I guess, now, Christine O’Donnell will have to race as a true underdog having lesser chances of winning. The Delaware election results also mean that the control of the Senate by the Republicans is now but wishful thinking.

Sarah Palin is said to be one of the people that contributed to Christine O’Donnell’s victory and Mike Castle’s defeat. Sarah Palin spent more than a quarter of a million dollars to help support O’Donnell’s campaign.

On the day of the preliminaries, a robocall was crashed calling all republican voters claiming that Christine O’Donnell lived on campaign funds and only entering politics to earn money. However, Christine O’Donnell’s financial status or the lack of it became the centre of the attacks against her. But the Delaware election results were favourable to her, getting 53.1%.

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