Home Run Derby: The Redemption of Papi 1

Home Run Derby, is one of my favourite events at the MLB All Star Game. Since I am virtually impaired when it comes to baseball and homerun is just all I know about the sport, Home Run Derby is an entertaining event for me.

Eight players are chosen for the playoffs and this year’s happening, Chris Young, Vermon Wells, Nick Swisher and Matt Holiday were eliminated after the first round. Miguel Cabrera and Corey Hart were eliminated after the second round with 12 and 13 homerun hits. Emerging as finalists were Hanley Ramirez and David Ortiz. David Ortiz emerges as champion hitting 11 homeruns at the final round. Hanley Ramirez hitting only 5 came running at second place. For the non-practicing sports fan, I will understand if you think the numbers don’t fly. It’s just that the scores are reset after every round.

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