Bristol Makes it to the Finals 2

And so Brandy my bet and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy (whew) were eliminated out on week 9 of Dancing with the Stars. The sad part was, they were eliminated by public vote though they were first place based on judges’ decision. Maybe it is high time that the Dancing with the Stars voting system gets changed.

Anyway, Dancing with the Stars Season 11 is pacing down to its final moments with Jennifer and Derek, Kyle and Lacey, and Bristol and Mark. For week 10 of Dancing with the Stars, it is going to be freestyle and many are saying that Bristol is surely going to be axed this time. Or would she? With her gaining popularity on TV, thanks to Dancing with the Stars, you will never know until the time comes.

Bristol Palin’s professional dancing partner is Mark Ballas. He is a two-time Dancing with the Stars champion and hoping for a third with Bristol. Bristol Palin is a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Advocate. She became dedicated to this cause after she herself got pregnant as a teenager.

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