Everybody loves jewelry. It is an important fashion accessory that helps us become more elegant and appealing. It serves an aesthetic purpose in our social lives that symbolizes a number of things, most especially money and power. It can indicate success and status, present elegance and beauty. It also adds sparkle to our social lives. Unfortunately, with the scarcity of precious stones today, jewelry has become a privilege and luxury for the few.

It can even be considered as an investment because of its worth, figuratively. Most people would rather spend their money on things that they need and are practical rather than splurge on a single diamond. It can also be dangerous as it attracts the eyes of thieves who know jewelry as much as the storeowner does. It is impossible for an average person to buy a good-sized diamond without spending a lot of money. We can only get a glimpse of these expensive diamonds on the finger of engaged and married celebrities.

Fortunately, there are other options that the average person can take advantage of instead of going to great lengths to own a 1-carat diamond.

Silver and CZ

The new materials for fashion jewelry are silver and cubic zirconia. These two are substitutes for diamonds, which are too expensive for the masses.

Cubic zirconia resembles the diamond closely that an average person wouldn’t even know the difference. It is a popular semiprecious stone that you can substitute for the diamond with the same brilliance and at a lesser cost.

Silver is also another popular alternative. With the discovery of rhodium plating, silver has been totally improved into becoming a better kind of jewelry. Rhodium has enhanced silver’s features, making it shine like white gold or platinum. It made silver even more resistant to corrosion. Rhodium plating has also solved the problem of tarnishing seen with silver jewelry.

Silver and cubic zirconia jewelry is a better and practical option for the average person. You can finally own a jewelry set without emptying your pockets, or worse, your savings.

Where to Find Them

Internet is a very good source of information. It does not only function as an information gateway but also as an online store. You can find a fashion accessory supplier online who can give you a great deal. Just make sure that the site you purchase them from is reputable though as there are scammers in the internet.

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