Once we learn the basic techniques we can then move on to making different articles like table mats, bags etc. It is easier to follow the pattern using a design sheet. So we should learn to read a design sheet first before proceeding. Some design sheets go by rows and gives how to do each row and then turn the work to the opposite side and do the next row in the opposite direction which forms the back of the work. Sometimes the design sheets give instructions using symbols for each stitch. Following the design sheet carefully we can make different useful articles to decorate our house.
Some articles like bags can be made with beads for decoration in between. This can be done by threading the beads first in to the thread and then using the beads one by one. It can also be taken into the hook thread when it is needed.
Some designs are formed using cross stitch designs. Holes are formed in places where there are no flowers and the places where the flowers or other motives come are filled with DC or TDC. By practicing one can master this art easily. Once you become a master in it you will know how to tackle small problems easily by yourself.

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