Crochet Swimwear: Attention-Grabbing, Functional and Fashionable

A day at the beach doesn’t mean you’ll be in the water all day long. You need a good swimsuit that will make people turn your way and look. However, the department stores all offer the same kinds of swimwear. Thus, it is quite hard to find swimwear that is both unique and attractive. What could be better than lazing around at the beach while you are in your beautiful, uniquely styled and designed swimsuit?

Crochet Swimsuits

You want a crochet swimwear if you want to be fashionably attired at the beach. Crochet swimsuits are handmade so each swimsuit is uniquely crafted and designed. Each pattern is eye-catching, too. There are also various designs and colors to choose from so shopping for one should be great fun.

A personal favorite among crochet swimwear for women is the sequined beige halter bikini top paired with a bow tie thong. The light color appeals to people, especially to men who are certain to break their necks trying to get a second look. The cut enhances the body shape, even that of a woman with a boyish frame. The sequins add glamour to the crochet swimwear.

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Aside from the bikini-thong combos, there are top-thong combos that will not expose as much flesh as the halter type. Even if this crochet combo is more conservative, it is still attractive for the shape is still form-fitting and flattering.

Playful, Playful

There is a line between showing too much and showing too little. If you hide it all, men will not be interested. If you bare it all, you’re likely to gain everybody’s interest – and unpleasant interest at that, too.

These crochet swimsuits will guarantee that you will always be adequately dressed – that you’ll not be overly provocative – but they will also guarantee that you show enough skin to remain interesting. Crochet swimwear gives you the perfect balance in swimming attire. Women will gaze to wonder where you bought your item, and the men will be drawn by the mystery, thinking, “Is that her skin I see or is it just the knitting?”

You may be thinking that a crochet swimwear cannot truly be worn swimming, tat it’s just meant for lounging around in the beach. You’re wrong if you think that, though, because crochet swimsuits are not only fashionable but functional, too. The water won’t make the fabric sheer. It will only make your swimsuit cling.

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Try it yourself. Wear an ordinary swimsuit, the more daring the better, and see how the public reacts. Then go online, buy quality crochet swimwear from a wholesale crochet swimwear dealer (so you’d get the widest selection at the best price) and wear it for a day out in the beach. You’re bound to notice a huge difference between the attention you got then and the attention you’ll generate with your crochet swimwear.

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