Contentment in Fewer Things

More is always better in our culture nowadays. Mobile phones upgrade every five months. Fashion lasts only for a month or two. There is urgency in the people’s movement. Everywhere you look there is the rush, rush, rush and pressure to move things along.

Yes, we have everything – technology, fashion, communication throughout the globe – yet it’s not enough to satisfy our wants. The more we earn, the greater the need to earn even bigger. The more toys and gadgets we have, the more we have to be updated to stay in the top of competition.

Yet somehow, there is an island left flocking with tourists, but the locals still manage to be contented with their small houses, meager income and families. Although they don’t have fast cars and mobile phones with 4G feature, they are contented.

At Home in Paradise

When you ask a Balinese what his idea of heaven is, you would be astounded to find out that his idea of heaven is just like the paradise he is living in at the moment. Bali is an island found in Indonesia that shames the rest of the world in our actions. Its citizens (i.e. the villagers) are satisfied with what they have. Even if it means only having small houses and a “petty” life compared with what we are living, they are happy.

Whenever a tourist stays in Bali, they marvel at the sights and sounds Bali has to offer. In this place, they get to feel the nature at its best that when it comes to leaving Bali, it is hard for the tourists to do so. Anybody can fall in love with a place like Bali.

Family Ties

What’s more, family ties in Bali surpass anything we have to offer. Their families are very close and are the ideal family portrait for many. When they say they’ll support you along the way you can be sure of that support they promised. The families are close, the young ones don’t grow up resenting their parents, and the children are grateful.

The land for artists, almost all of Bali’s natives are artistically gifted in one way or another. Be it in music, dancing, painting – name it, and they have someone good in it. The talent runs in the blood of families, and it is passed from generation to generation.

Because of these close family ties, it humbles even the tourists, making them appreciate more their own families.

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