60 Minutes with Conan O’Brien

If you watch late night shows, you’re probably very much familiar with the name Conan O’Brien. If not, you still probably hear about him a lot on entertainment news and it has something to do with NBC, with famous late night staple, Tonight Show, and Jay Leno.
So with all this exposure, 60 Minutes’ Conan O’Brien interview does not seem to be such a big deal, because let us face it… we’ve had far more than just an hour seeing this comedian’s face plastered on our TV screens.
What got people talking about this particular interview, however, was how frank and serious it was. One thing we are not used to seeing Conan as is serious. He has always been one to crack a joke and make fun of no matter what scenario is at hand. And yet this interview showed a much more serious side to the comedian.
Tackling the things that have happened ever since NBC took the famous late night show away from Conan and gave it back to Jay Leno, it looks as if all this drama isn’t over yet.
There are lighter moments to the interview like when they showed clips of the Conan O’ Brien tour for the first time on TV. The tour is called “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour”.
A particularly sad moment includes when they interviewed Conan’s wife, Liza, who described the experience as something akin to “watching someone’s heart get broken”.
Anyway, it seems decidedly weird seeing comedians go through so much drama and get so serious over a comedy show. Almost ironic actually. Anyway, Conan O’Brien on 60 Minutes will be sure to rack up ratings for the show. In the end, we can only hope. You can watch the interview done by Steve Kroft of the show 60 Minutes tonight via online uploads.

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