Even today silver is considered as one of the costly and precious metals like gold and platinum Buying silver is a costly investment. Only very few can afford to buy this being very costly. But everybody likes to buy some silver ornaments or articles to show their wealth. People buy all types of jewelry from chains, anklets, toe ring to plates, lamps, tumblers bowls etc. They even buy God statues either solid or molded. Whatever we buy it is necessary to keep it safe some where so that it won’t get spoiled. It tends to become dark as it is mixed with some alloy which makes it become dark. No need to panic if you take something out of your cupboard after many years to see that is like a dark metal. We get good polishes which when applied and rubbed with a clean cloth will regain the shine and look like newly bought from the shop.
The place where we store the silver things is important. It should be stored in wooden cupboards and steel cupboards should be avoided. If there are no intricate designs in the silver article it can be cleaned easily; if some dirt or finger print needs to be cleaned then apply soap and clean in warm water and wipe with a clean cloth. If necessary he polish can be used.

Bronze Rings Pendants

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