Chicago Hit by Summer Storm 1

Just last Friday, Chicago radar forecasted an early summer heat over the coming week. But, this weekend the Chicago weather forecast began to change. A horrible storm hit Chicago leaving 5,000 homes without power, knocking out windows at the Chicago Willis Tower formerly known as Sears Tower and injuring one. Window glasses from the Chicago Willis Tower were on the sidewalk and according to another official, a tree has fallen on the city’s west side seriously injuring another. Two other buildings were seriously affected by the strong winds. Chicago news says winds over 80 Kilometres per hour were recorded as the storm passed into Chicago bringing heavy rains and frequent lightning strikes. The Chicago weather forecast suggested that there would be another strong to severe thunderstorms.

News like the change in the Chicago weather forecast is becoming frequent in these days of global warming. Chicago weather radar, as other radars in the nations can pinpoint storms but sometimes, these storms are faster than the sound of warnings. Not only that we lack enough warning and preparedness but the task of rebuilding damages can also be painstaking to everyone, authorities included.

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