The Supply Chain Of The Fashion Industry

There are five main components that takes into account the supply chain for the fashion industry. These components are raw materials, fabric plants, manufacturers’ of clothes, exportation, garb plants, retailers and customers.

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The Share Of Leading Manufacturing Companies

Nations from the Asia-Pacific part of the world were the largest garment manufacturing and exporters during 2006. They comprised of countries like India, Pakistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong. Some of the others were Germany, Mexico and the United States.

Global Trends And Volume Of Commerce
Since the world of garment manufacturing has become more full of effort and requires little capital investment, their intensity is moving towards the countries that are growing and are still large amounts of exports. Proof of this lies in the fact that production of clothing in the industrial countries has come down between the 80’s and 1996, whereas, production has increased in the growing nations during the same period. A similar trend was also seen in exports, the exports of clothing from growing nations increasing six times between the same period.

The total returns from the world wide fashion industry was around $1,252.8 billion during 2006 which was more or less 68% of the total value of the industry.

The Challenges Of The Industry

Even though all factors of the fashion industry are increasing at a phenomenal rate, there are still a few barrier that are obstructing the growth of the industry. A few of them are:

Though the demand for clothing is on the increase day by day, the production rate is not able to meet the growing demand. More facilities are needed to meet the demand.

Globalization has sustained the industry through various ways. Nevertheless, globalization has increased competition and it is not easy for the manufacturers to cope up with too much competition since they have to meet deadlines and maintain quality at the same time. Policies on the merchandise are very much in favor of the growing nations and in order to help developed nations in their imports policies need to be reviewed.

Fashion drives the fashion industry and fashion keeps changing. As such the manufacturers have to cope up with the changes in fashion. As such they usually need to work under pressure to meet the demands on time.

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