One of the major American television networks in the United States which derived its initials from the network’s former name, Columbia Broadcasting System. With millions of viewers turning in to their channel, the television network had also embraced the internet world by establishing the as the official site of the network. Not only does the site displays the network’s program schedule, but also would like to involve the viewers to their poll question and online votes whether from their sports program, news, reality shows and movie/music award shows.
Viewers and fans from all over the world have now the power to vote for their favorite artists/contestants from different events that the CBS Television Network would be broadcasting. One of the popular is the Annual Academy of Country Music Awards or the ACM Awards wherein the event would honor the country music’s top talents as well as showcasing the industry’s hottest emerging young stars.

The votes from the fans/viewers can be very crucial in determining who will win from the different categories like Entertainer of the Year, Top Male/Female Vocalist of the Year, Top Vocal Solo/Duo of the Year, Album of the Year, Single of the Year and many more. The network is letting the audience decide the awards through logging to And just recently, the ACM awards some of the industry’s top performers like Taylor Swift, who was a fan favorite and Carrie Underwood, who shows her tone muscular legs during her performance.

In addition, the increasing numbers of reality shows in television also increases the viewers/fans participation through online voting of their favorite characters and events. One the reality shows the emerges as a fan favorite all over the world is the reality show Amazing Race with featured their 16th season. The network has been involving the audiences through their online votes which would draw audiences closer to the television program and at the same time, would benefit the television network as it increases their share of audience viewing.

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