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Word War with Willow 1

Well, the good news is, Willow Palin is just being a normal teenager despite having a superstar mom. Yeah, yeah surely mother Sarah Palin should teach her children how to behave but I guess the girls were provoked. And please let us not make this a venue to question Sarah Palin’s parenting skills.

And if you haven’t been on earth lately, I am talking about Willow Palin, daughter of politician, White House hopeful Sarah Palin slashing someone on Facebook on a total juvenile message board war.

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Bali and its beach life 2

The beach culture matches the world standard of other beaches in the world. This place has many resorts which offer perfect night life and shopping comforts. There is entertainment conducted in every hotel to popularize the place. Special clothing for beach environment is also available in these places. All kinds of surfing games conducted in the beach areas with safe and conducive environment. The place is safely guards by the local administrators for safety surfing game. The sandy beach makes you more comfort and luxury for the tourists. More over Bali is considered to be the first place which attracted many foreign tourists from all over the world.

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Bali and its beach life 1

Lot of foreign tourists flock to little heaven island called Bali the city in Indonesia. When cold climate and winter sets in northern hemisphere of world, the tourists start planning their holiday program to Bali where it has excellent tropical and hot climate. The Bali has quite number of lovely beach to enjoy their holiday. The city has good number of recreational activities and beautiful sun resorts. For getting sun bath and surf games this place is adequate for the tourists.
This place is apt for seeing sun rise and sun set which makes people happy.

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Temples in Bali 2

Moving to the highest point of this temple one can view the whole of the glandular structure of the temple and the magnificent country side below. The colorful gardens of Pura kehen is adored with hibiscus and lantana among other flowering plants. The best time for visiting the temple is in the afternoon you can take good photograph during the afternoon light. This is the time when all tourist buses leave and you have lesser number of people clambering everywhere. The entry fee into the temple is very economical. Surrounding the temple are small warungs where you can have light food and quench your thirst. The spiritual atmosphere is completely felt in the temple.

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Bristol Makes it to the Finals 1

From the looks of it, nobody thought that Bristol Palin would be strutting her way to the finals of Dancing with the Stars. Although we are unanimous in declaring that Bristol actually did great in her Paso Doble stint this week.. And she does show improvements as weeks pass with Dancing with the Stars. Thanks to partner and coach Mark. But is she really winner material?

Folks, you who are the Dancing with the Stars voting populate, I know what you are trying to do. You think that a vote for Bristol Palin is a conservative vote but, can we leave politics out of this one? Your vote is not a political vote for her mother! For heaven’s sake. A vote for Bristol means you actually like her dancing. It is not a prediction for 2012! This is Dancing with the Stars!

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Jessica Simpson is engaged too! 1

It’s a timing everyone is talking about. Jessica Simpson got engaged a few days after her ex-husband Nick Lachey announced his own engagement. I hope it’s me but I guess Jessica Simpson is up to racing Nick to the altar. I hope Jessica is not making a totally uncalled for competition of who is happier now. If I am correct in saying that, I say that is totally childish. Grow up, Jessica. I say, what’s the rush? You started dating the guy for two seconds and you want to marry him? Puhleezz.

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Wiz Khalifa Arrested. 2

You say, well there is nothing wrong with that. Dudes really do wake up, smoke and records on their buses. Yeah, but after Wiz Khalifa twitted that “smoke outs in Greenville NC tonite. Fall thru wit ur finest plant life,” the police were out to get him.

So the police were suspicious, stopped Wiz Khalifa’s bus after the concert and found 60 grams of marijuana. Some says it was 30 kilograms but that is highly doubtful. If it was indeed 30 kilograms, I don’t think they would let Wiz Khalifa out of jail for a measly bail.

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– The Curious Case of the Mysterious Missile 2

Am I going to panic now? I am not the panicky type, but the way our authorities are not together on something as serious as a missile launch sets the spine tingling alarm on. But I would like to think of it as not a missile but just a jet contrail. But I also hope that authorities will straighten this one out as soon as possible. You know, for the benefit of those who are already unlocking their fallout shelters.

NORTHCOM (The United States Northern Command) and the NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) are only saying that they are aware of the launch and still have to dig for answers.

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Wiz Khalifa Arrested 1

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I am totally uncool. So, bite me.

You know who thinks he is cool? That’s right, Wiz Khalifa. You know what he is aside from cool? Dumb a–, that’s what…Hey, if you’re a fan, that’s your problem okay. So, don’t write to me. I am only saying that we have a new name for stupid. Let me tell you the story.

So this guy Wiz Khalifa or Wix Khalifa –don’t know what he prefers, thinks he is cool. He has been running around with his Taylor Gang doing concerts and his latest stop was at the East Carolina University. So the day Wiz Khalifa was to board his bus to the concert site, he tweeted things that led to his arrest for drug possession. What were the words Wiz Khalifa chose? Check this out! And in quote:

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The Curious Case of the Mysterious Missile 1

Whoever was responsible for the launching of the California Missile, please step up.

The California missile which appeared to be launched from water left a contrail west of Los Angeles. It seems that nobody, not even the military knew who launched it, if it was indeed a missile. The US Navy said it wasn’t theirs. The US Air Force said it wasn’t theirs. And the rest of the government said that the missile was not a foreign launch.

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