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One of the major American television networks in the United States which derived its initials from the network’s former name, Columbia Broadcasting System. With millions of viewers turning in to their channel, the television network had also embraced the internet world by establishing the as the official site of the network. Not only does the site displays the network’s program schedule, but also would like to involve the viewers to their poll question and online votes whether from their sports program, news, reality shows and movie/music award shows.
Viewers and fans from all over the world have now the power to vote for their favorite artists/contestants from different events that the CBS Television Network would be broadcasting. One of the popular is the Annual Academy of Country Music Awards or the ACM Awards wherein the event would honor the country music’s top talents as well as showcasing the industry’s hottest emerging young stars.

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Spread Some ‘Color’ Around With Your Bright and Fashionable Clothes!

Imagine a world without colors—how dull it would be! Yes, nature has bestowed her own color to our earth, but you can do your bit by donning differently-hued and trendy clothes too! Now, different professions demand different dress codes, but we shall concentrate on formal attire or corporate colors here.

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Terror Bosses Beware! Unvarnished is Here!

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Duke beats Butler, Captures 2010 NCAA Championship

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Dreamgirls Star Jennifer Hudson’s Amazing Weight-Loss

Jennifer Hudson is walking around tinsel town with her amazing new figure and you want to know the incredible part about this weight-loss miracle? The award-winning actress gave birth to David Daniel Otunga Jr. just a few months back and came back in 2010 looking better than ever! Sources say that Hudson’s weight-loss could be attributable to Weight Watchers, a weight-loss company that helps people lose weight. Is this just another weight-loss fad promising results and eventually coming short in the end? Highly unlikely.

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Dayton Flyers wins NIT Championship

The Dayton Flyers beat NCAA champ North Carolina to win the NIT championship to the score of 79 to 68, Thursday, April I at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Forward Chris Johnson of the Flyers was hailed MVP of the tournament and finished the game with 14 points, 9 of them coming at the final three minute mark and overcame a pulled hip muscle, limping his way to a three pointer, a dunk and a lay up all in the final 3 minutes of the game to secure the win for the Flyers. Will Graves of North Carolina led the Tar Heels with a game-high 25 points.

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USGS: No Earthquake at Dominican Republic

The USGS has issued a statement in their website regarding the reported magnitude 8 earthquake that hit the Dominican Republic as a “false alarm” and further stated that: “Users of the USGS Earthquake Notification System received a message reporting a magnitude 8.0 earthquake near the Dominican Republic. This was a mistake. In an effort to increase our ability to detect smaller earthquakes in the Caribbean region following the January 12th earthquake in Haiti, the USGS began accepting earthquake locations and magnitudes from additional sources in the region. The message reporting a magnitude 8.0 earthquake near the Dominican Republic was incorrect and resulted in the distribution of the errant e-mail. We acknowledge this was a serious mistake and have issued a correction.”
Other sources have stated that a 3.2 magnitude quake hit the Dominican Republic. Others are saying it was a 4.5 but strangely enough a visit to the USDS official website would reveal nothing about the said earthquake. It should be remembered that the Dominican Republic was not affected by the magnitude 7.0 killer quake that shook Haiti last January 12, 2010, despite occupying the eastern half of the same Caribbean Island as Haiti. The killer quake was considered by many as “a serious loss of life” and “a disaster in every way imaginable.”

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Google Changes Name to Topeka

Don’t worry, it’s not a typo or a relevant headline for that matter, but with the advent that is April Fools Google decided to change its name to Topeka temporarily. So Google decided to play a prank and as expected people were entertained by this April Fools gesture. Why Topeka? Sources say Google was only returning the favor to the Kansas, Texas capital, which is actually the recipient of the “Fiber for Communities” program, a Google broadband test project that would give Topeka access to internet speeds 100 times faster than most networks provide.

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Its April Fools day!

Everybody should brace themselves for it’s that time of the year again, and I’m not talking about summer or the global warming-induced heat! It’s actually April Fools day and the whole world is set to sabotage one another with a variety of tricks and pranks meant to entertain and bring a slight degree of embarrassment to the lucky recipient of what should be an innocent practical joke, all in line with the tradition that is April Fools.

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Neo-Soul singer Erykah Badu Strips on New Music Video!

Controversy is what we call it. The new music video of the song “Window Seat” features Erykah Badu walking thru a Dallas city sidewalk while slowly taking off an article of her clothing until she finds herself naked in Dealey Plaza, better known as the place where John F. Kennedy was shot to death in 1963. The last part of the video shows Badu totally naked, when a gunshot is heard depicting an assassination and showing the neo soul singer fall face first into the pavement.

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