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Meg Whitman and Her Illegal Maid Scandal 2

Meg Whitman and Her Illegal Maid Scandal 2

Meg Whitman and Her Illegal Maid Scandal 1

It would’ve been a successful smear campaign against Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman until Gloria Allred stepped into the picture. Yeah, yeah it was a nasty thing to do, firing the illegal immigrant maid so Meg can pursue a political career. But for this issue to come out with an excellent timing is so Gloria Allred.

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Final Witness Recalls Caffey Murders. 1

As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.
Joshua 24:15

That was what the door sign says and that was all what was left after the Caffey house burn down.

The Caffey family were good Christian people. That is why no one could believe that Erin Caffey, the family’s 16 year old daughter would plan to butcher and toast her family. No one ever thought that Erin Caffey can do such a heinous crime. See what happened on that night in Texas when Erin Caffey decided that it’s about time the family is put to death. ABC airs a new program ‘Final Witness’ which dramatizes true to life crime scenes in the eyes of the (dead) victim.

Mike Castle Defeated! 2

Mike Castle Defeated! 2

Well, I guess that is just about it for Mike Castle. Maybe I am just romanticizing but the fact that Mike Castle is a direct descendant of Ben Franklin makes my heart ache why he should lost. Mike Castle was representative of Delaware in the US House of Representatives since 1993 and has been in public service since 1966. Christine O’Donnell would be aged 3 then. Mike Castle ran in hope to fill the seat vacated by former Senator Joe Biden, now US Vice President.

Christine O’Donnell was Republican Party Nominee for 2008 US Senate election. She lost against Joe Biden. Christine O’Donnell is known for being a conservative. O’Donnell opposes abortion and mostly places her political positions on religious basis. She is an advocate to creationism and rejected Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

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Kanye West and Taylor Swift Total Recall 2

Truly sorry for what he did last year, Kanye West was well behaved during Taylor Swifts’ performance; no mic grabbing, no protests whatsoever, even if Taylor stab Kanye West with her song. Audience, me included were actually waiting for Kanye West to react but then again, maybe he indeed learned his lessons.

From what we heard, Kanye West’s career took a dive after the incident last year; sales records dropped and he almost lost his job. Don’t we remember that during the BET awards Kanye West broke down to tears while singing ‘Man in the Mirror’ maybe because of self-pity and regret or maybe a little bit of both.

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Mike Castle Defeated! 1

In one of the most surprising primary results, Incumbent Mike Castle was defeated by tea party candidate Christine O’Donnell. Mike Castle was almost a sure win against Democrat Christopher Coons in the general elections. I guess, now, Christine O’Donnell will have to race as a true underdog having lesser chances of winning. The Delaware election results also mean that the control of the Senate by the Republicans is now but wishful thinking.

Sarah Palin is said to be one of the people that contributed to Christine O’Donnell’s victory and Mike Castle’s defeat. Sarah Palin spent more than a quarter of a million dollars to help support O’Donnell’s campaign.

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Kanye West and Taylor Swift Total Recall 1

People are still talking about the latest happenings at the VMA. The Lady Gaga outfit and Kanye West/ Taylor Swift incident last year and this year’s reunion. We heard that originally, Kanye West was hooked up to sing with Taylor. She turned it down.

Last year, Kanye West did his own attention grabbing stunt at the VMA when he took the mic from the lovely darling Taylor Swift and express his opinion why Taylor Swift should not be the winner.

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Lady Gaga Did It Again! 1

And poor Cher, she had to hold Lady Gaga’s meat purse while Lady Gaga was receiving her award. But, according to Cher’s twits, she gets it! Calling Lady Gaga’s meat dress amazing. Nope, Cher didn’t take offence nor think it was disrespectful for someone to ask her to hold a slab of raw meat in the middle of the stage.

Some say its fake but then again, fake wouldn’t make PETA that upset. Not that I care one iota of PETA who thinks animal life is more important than humans, that is not the point.

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Lady Gaga Did It Again! 1

Lady Gaga dons a new meaning to the phrase “put a little meat on, honey.”

But definitely, we are not just talking about a little meat here. Lady Gaga’s meat dress is made from 50 lb steak, said designer Franc Fernandez. Now, outrageous doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

People are now talking more about Lady Gaga’s meat dress more than her eight VMA win. I mean, how could you not talk about it? We can only imagine how it smells. And if you will be sitting next to her for those many hours, how can one stand it? How did Lady Gaga pass those darn sniffing dogs? Ha-ha. What did she put inside her purse, lipstick? And while sitting down, the meat juice didn’t bother her at all? I mean when under those lights the meat was not in proper storage temperature and the meat dress must’ve been over thawed by then or at least disintegrating of some sort.

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Word War with Willow 2

And with this incident, I am sure the liberals are going to have a field day making this a national issue instead of what it really is: kids being kids. The worse thing that I can think about it is a case of cyber bullying – although that is not good either. But the point is, you go to every 16 year old Facebook account and chances are, you will see words posted worst than the Palins used.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska is an eight parts TV series hosted by Sarah Palin. It is part documentary and travel.

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