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The Goddess of rice

Each and every stage is commenced on some auspicious day, along with offerings. The rites are on the water opening, preparing field, transplanting, development, panicle appearance, bearing flower, and harvesting. After harvesting, first rice is taken to rice barn and some offerings are made, before consumption.

Role of rice in Bali

Rice is always a stable and staple food among majority of the country. The cultivation process dates back to 2,000 years. But the latest method used at present dates back to 1,000years. Bali’s food is never complete without rice. Rice is called various names, like padi or uncrushed rice, gabah or unmilled rice, beras or uncooked rice and nasi or cooked rice. Three kinds of rice are barak or red rice, black rice or injin, and ketan or white rice. In the offerings they add turmeric with white rice to make yellow rice.

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Lorenzen Wright: Faced a Violent Death.

I am not an avowed sports fan. But that is not to mean that people like me and non-practicing sports fan alike can not moved by the news of NBA’s Lorenzen Wright’s death. And truly, the way they found Lorenzen Wright dead with multiple gunshot wounds is but heartbreaking. Considering Lorenzen Wright has mouths to feed and children to shelter. Lorenzen Wright left behind six kids.

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Know about Hibiscus part 2

Kinds of Hibiscus flower

There are several kinds of hibiscus flowers. According to pattern and shape of the hibiscus flower they are further classified in to many kinds. They are namely Flame Ball, Gator Pride, Lavender Lady, Erin Rachael, Hawaiian Sunset and Electric Blue.

In Hawaiian island the hibiscus flower found with rich quality and familiar too. The locals of Hawaiian refer this flower as Pua Aloalo and also considered as national flower for Hawaii islands. The Chinese hibiscus is generally marketed as ornamental use. In Malaysia the hibiscus rosa sinensis flower is venerated as their national flower. The species of Hibiscus syriacus is regarded as national flower for the country South Korea.

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Terror Bosses Beware! Unvarnished is Here!

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Duke beats Butler, Captures 2010 NCAA Championship

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Dayton Flyers wins NIT Championship

The Dayton Flyers beat NCAA champ North Carolina to win the NIT championship to the score of 79 to 68, Thursday, April I at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Forward Chris Johnson of the Flyers was hailed MVP of the tournament and finished the game with 14 points, 9 of them coming at the final three minute mark and overcame a pulled hip muscle, limping his way to a three pointer, a dunk and a lay up all in the final 3 minutes of the game to secure the win for the Flyers. Will Graves of North Carolina led the Tar Heels with a game-high 25 points.

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Abstract Carvings and Balinese Masks

In modern society, masks are seen as a way to cover up something, whether it is an ugly face or an ugly personality. We take these masks for granted and see them as a material thing to be used and played with. In some parts of the world and particularly in Bali, however, masks are sacred. They are more than just a material that is carved or designed. They are important and even have a life of their own. Each mask has its own personality, own characteristic and own story to tell.

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What are the Balinese masks?

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History unfolded as the Health Care bill was passed. A significant number of Americans will benefit from this legislation which will result from the health care reform, an estimated 32 Millions will have coverage due to the extension provided by the bill which also regulates the insurance industry.

It was made possible by the House Democrats approval which gave the unanimous health care vote result over the Republican opposition. The health care tally showed 219-212 vote which was the final approval by the house of representatives, Changes were adopted to the health care bill after the approval has been made by the House with the vote 220 to 211 which be passed to Senate for final vote. Several Democrats they have expressed their excitement on the impact of this legislative act which according to them will definitely change a huge part of quality of living for millions of Americans.

Kaftan is Back: Classic and Stylish

Kaftans were once looked upon as fashion faux pas and nobody wanted to be caught dead wearing one. It’s actually one of those things that can make a laughing stock out of you if you’re ever seen in it.

However, it seems that women then had more taste than women of the following generation because the Kaftan has now returned with a vengeance. This time, it has found its way into the fashion scene.

Kaftan Revived

Kaftans came back some time in 2001 and they haven’t left since. They are what designers deem as the sarong’s better replacement. While sarongs are usually straight cut and do not accentuate a woman’s curves, kaftans do more than just show off a woman’s sexy curves; they show off the sexy silhouette of the female form.

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