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Designer Clothes Is The Beauty Of The Wearer

There is no necessity for you to spend money to wear what is the best. People are good at making out what is expensive and what has been bought at a discount store. A particular high quality has to met for clothing to be deemed as designer ones. If they are not of the best quality, the garment will not be put up for sale for the public.

Designer clothes not only have a beauty of their own but they also further the beauty of the wearer. Apart from purchasing designer clothing that are not expensive, an individual can purchase designer footwear and other accessories that are not only cheap but can also have a total transformation.

A combination of baggy pants, heavy boots with firm look, with a bit of make-up. Some of the urban clothing is a mix of urban and the casual get up. A taste of urban clothing among youths today is a hit that everyone wants to try it too.

But this outfit will not be complete without some bling bling that accessorize it. These are huge, long fashion jewelries made from platinum or silver surrounded with some diamonds. Rapper Jay-Z was the pioneer in this trend. It became a hit that everyone are all agog for this new transition. In fact, famous jewelry brands were making their own mark in the bling bling world.

Precious Jewels

The Royal family of England now possesses the most precious and biggest diamond in the globe. The diamond comes from India while undergoing the reign over that country. The Queen Elizabeth now adores the beautiful diamond on her crown.

As like British people, the Greeks, the Etruscans, the Romans and the Victorians flourish the glory of attiring the precious jewelleries.

The jewels which were made during the period of 1900 are considered to be precious. The style pattern and skill work which mesmerizes the customers to wear the jewels at desire. One could find out the uniqueness of the jewels which were more than hundred years ago.

Gemstone Treatments

Gemstone Treatments

v Radiation and heat are often utilized to enhance or change colors.

v A gem’s color is deepened by the use of diffusion. The method only intensifies the outer layers of the gemstone.

v Waxes and oils enhance the color of the gemstone by filling up fine cracks on the surface making them disappear temporarily.

v Gems are coated with a colored or clear epoxy resin or other substances by a method known as fracture filling. This treatment fills out cracks and the appearance of the gemstone is improved.

v Clarity is improved and inclusions removed by laser drilling.

v If the word “enhanced” is used in any form in either advertisements or disclosures, it means that the gemstone has, in some way, been treated.

Some women have so many clothes and still feel unhappy that they don’t have enough clothing since they are not satisfied with their looks. They feel happy only if the clothes inspire others. A shawl prevents from going to the shop many times to buy new arrivals quiet often. If you choose one Pashmina shawl you will find that it matches with almost all the clothes in the wardrobe and it looks as if you have spent quiet a lot of money.

One good thing in Pashmina shawl is that it is versatile since the similar wraps up can a make a casual attire come out as warm, formal and relaxed outfit appear different. Sine the cost is low it will fit in your budget of the month.
One can always choose matching pins and brooches from the internet to go with the Pashmina shawl. Pashmina shawl is a perfect way of satisfying a lover.

Treatment For Gemstones

Treatment Used For Enhancing The Appearance Of Gemstones

In reality, most of the gemstones used in jewelry are treated in some way to enhance their appearance. Gemstones that are treated are a good choice as they are more affordable that those that achieve their inherent quality through natural means. Are you aware of the common treatments? Some last for a very very long time, some do not.

The World Of Fashion Accessory

If you want to tie a scarf in the form of a head band, you will need to fold the scarf into a single band. You can now fold it on the head and tie it at the back of your head. Before you know what is happening, you will be as attractive as any Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie of this world.


Giving a gift to the women is a big problem. They will have almost everything and if you prefer to present some clothing then Pashmina shawl or scarf is an ideal gift. It will surely be a gift you friend will prefer. The women’s accessories which are fashionable are made of Pashmina silk, velvet, cashmere, and other such fabrics are in bold and subdued colors.

They look really good on her and she will like it very much. It comes with a fringe and at times without fringe. They look excellent on seeing and look more beautiful when worn and the cost of the shawl is also reasonable.
The shawls have been used even in olden days and hence have traditional values. They look classic, timeless, modern and fashionable. The lady for whom you are presenting will simply love to wear it.

Ways to Wear a Scarf

Scarf is a fashion accessory that can go a long way in giving your dress a whole lot of great look. This depends anyway on if you know how to tie the scarf for that very special purpose. Scarf had been around for ages now and women from all forms of back ground do have cause to make use of a scarf once in awhile. Some people use scarf just ordinarily. But the fashion world had been able to develop different ways of making use of the scarf. These methods can help to add quite a lot of trendy look to you and your dress.
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The Formal Dress


A pair of beautiful gloves will add a ladylike touch to the formal dress that you are wearing. If you are dresses in a sleeveless, short sleeve or a bracelet length dress the best gloves would be short ones. Strapless and sleeveless dress also go along great with longer elbow-length gloves.

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