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A piece of jewelry, speaks of something when someone wears it. It may have sentimental value, a piece of heirloom, a birthday gift or your presence for yourself. High end jewelry is considered a precious owned possession. It’s agreat investment too, as its value increases as it gets old.

Flamboyant High Heels

A Statement Coat

For some time I have kept away from bright coats because of these reasons:

1. I thought that they drew a lot of attention and

2. I thought that they were not practical –I could not see yourself wearing the same one again and again.

Clothing Accessories Bring Glamour To Your Total Look

A fine jewelry can be an accessory too, may it be a necklace, a bracelet or an earring. It could enhance your wardrobe and adds glamour into it. Various designs have been introduced by famous brand like nowadays. Remember that wearing a jewelry should be worn properly or else you will come out ridiculous for others.

In wearing bold jewelries, your outfit should be in solid color instead of printed designs to avoid conflicts in your style. Do not wear a necklace that falls to the top of the bustline with a plunging neckline, it can create confusion of where to look at. If your reporting for work; be simple, a set of earrings, a necklace , a bracelet, a watch and your wedding ring would be fine. Remember, simplitcity is beauty.

Top Fashion Staples For Tall Women

All of us have items of clothing that we cycle throughout the seasons. The favorite dress of the previous year is no longer in fashion or it fades or is replaced by the latest model. This kind of “fashion cycling” is quite normal but there are a few staple dresses that each and every woman should have. Ensure that when you buy staple fashions you are doing so wisely and see that the clothing is well-made and the accessories such that they will last for a few years or even more.

The Fashion World Today

See how poeple around the world are fascinated by the women’s fashion nowadays? Hollywood stars are very much extra careful of what to wear, or else they would be criticized as fashion victim. They serve as role models to everyone not only as celebrity but living models for fashion.

Our wholesale products

Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

Who said that only diamonds have glitter? Sterling silver jewelries have it too! Silver is a soft, glossy white metal. It appears naturally pure with some other metals like alloy and gold. It has been considered as precious metal, and continously used as valuable utensils, coins and the very famous sterling silver jewelry.

Jewelleries like earrings, necklace, bracelets are conventionally made from sterling silver, composed of 92.5% alloy with 7.5% silver. Compared to pure silver, sterling silver is harder, that’s why often used as silverware and wrought utensils. Sterling jewelry is usually plated with coat of .999 fine silver to provide the item a lustrous, flashy look.

Peacock feather design summer dresses


Peacock feather design summer dresses. Comfortable fabric 95% Polyester+5% Spandex

Peacock feather design summer dresses. Comfortable fabric 95% Polyester+5% Spandex

Peacock feather design summer dresses. Comfortable fabric 95% Polyester+5% Spandex




Wholesale Clothing Accessories

It’s the fad! It’s the trend! These are words from men and women who are crazy about fashion today. Most of them are enthusiastic about where to find the latest in the dresses as well as the clothing accessories.

Fashion Accessories Business

Check the supplier that you are dealing with. Scrutinize them well before finalizing everything. Though it is risky to handle this type of business, but it will generate a great income for you. Just proper implementation will surely bring you the success for this venture. Permits from the government should be accomplished to avoid problems when releasing the goods.

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price

Vendor Pricing

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is one of the commonest strategies that is utilized by small retail stores to keep away from price wars and still get a reasonable profit. Some dealers have a minimum advertised price but also propose a retail price. By pricing a product with the proposed retail supplied by the supplier, the retail seller does not come into the picture at all. Another concern with utilizing pre-determined prices is that there is no advantage over the competition by the retail seller.

Competitive Pricing

There are many choices for the consumer and most of them are ready to shop around so that the can get the best price. Retail sellers who consider a strategy of competitive pricing should be willing to offer outstanding customer service in order to overcome the competition.

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