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Manufacturing countries like China and Taiwan do their transactions and close the deal thru the internet. They offer drop shipping once the deal is done; meaning, the buyer doesn’t need to visit these coutries for their orders. Once the goods are done, they can directly ship the wholesale goods to its final destinations. With the modern technology, everything seems very easy and fast specially for the business sector.

The train system is recommended during lean hours for general use, peak hours using train travel can be avoided due to reported crime and sexual harassment.

The Transjakarta Busway system is comfortable for public transport but again, avoid the rush hours. The user-friendly system has station announcements and an LED display inside the vehicles. The buses play between 5am to 10pm daily and public can transfer free between lines.

Bajaj scooters fitted with a small cabin behind them move about like a tricycle and are easily negotiated through the traffic jams of Jakarta and the charges are around Rp6, 000. Ojeks are bikes driven by guys who can take you around for short distances for an agreed fare.

Wholesale importers

Going big time? Then order your products from other countries, this is what we call importing. You see, products going out from ones country mean export, the other way around is import. This has been the tradition of dealing business among countries since then. It just became so extensive then because of the advent of internet into our system.

Importing goods would need tedious documentation. Make sure no legal impediments when you venture into this. Government agency like Customs is really involved in overseeing the flow of releasing your goods. Before importing, check the list if the goods that you are importing are not in the list of probihited items that are not allowed by your country. Be extra careful in dealing this as sanctions will be implemented on you if rules are not religiously followed.

Stunning Java

Java the most densely populated island is the fifth largest island in Indonesia. The culture of Java dates back to centuries and located to the west of the island is Jakarta the Indonesian capital. Java is divided into four provinces: Eastern Java along with the capital Sruabaya, West Java along with the capital Bandung, Central Java and the capital of Semarang, and Banten’s capital city is Serang. The major ethnic unit is Javanese. But they do not live in the western part of Java, where Sundanese occupy the most of the area. Two cities along with a extraordinary position, consist of the cities namely, Yogyakarta and Jakarta.

The major Cities

The Crucial Factor For A Successful Business


Competition is healthy. Volume and price are not the only criteria by which you can compete with bigger retail shops. There are other ways. On one hand, the more unique the merchandise, the lesser the chance of competition.

Our wholesale products

Enchanting Jakarta

On the North western cost of Java island situated on the mouth of Ciliwung River on the Jakarta bay stands the extensive metropolis of Jakarta, also known as Daerah Istemewa Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia the eleventh largest city in the world. With a population of 23 million this port was known as Sunda Kelpa a peper trading centre. After the Dutch occupation it came to be known as Bativa. The entire metropolis comprising of Jakarta city, Bekasi, Bogor, Tangerand and Depok are known as Jabodetabek . Jakarta is divided by the Ciliwung river into east and west section. On the bay of Jakarta is located Pulau Seribu a group of thousand islands providing a tourist destination with white sandy beaches and excellent place for water sports? The jakartans language is indigenous and unique and is known as Betawi.

Bandung: With a large no of fashion outlets and great night life with excellent restaurants and warungs this city has been rightly called the ‘Jeans City. Apart from this the city also nests a large number of art galleries and museums.
Jakarta: Thickly populated Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia with the highest tourist attraction. Though the city has congested traffic it has excellent rail, bus and taxi service. It is in this city one will find the monuments built in honor of the fallen war heroes during the independence struggle. The cit has large number of museums, and art galleries. There are plentiful bars and night clubs which adore the city making it as the most frequently visited city by the tourist.

Selecting Products To Sell

Factors To Think About While Selecting Products

When you start a retail business, the hardest decision that you will have to make is the selection of the product that you intend to market. The choices are endless and the job may seem overwhelming at the initial stages. Not only must there be a market for the product that you are going to sell, but the business must be profitable and it must be something that you take pleasure in selling. Before you commit yourself to a product or a product line, think about the following factors while you come to a decision on what products to market.

The wholesale market

·Networking: if you are doing any improvements to your home, ask your family members, work associates or friends and see if they can put you on to someone else who is a sub-contractor and can get wholesale or discounted prices on furniture, landscaping, building supplies and flooring. If using their service is also in the deal, take time to compare costs of labor and see that you are obtaining the best of prices. High costs of labor can quickly offset the savings that you made by buying wholesale.

How To Buy Wholesale

Shopping at slightly damaged sale bins, outlet malls and warehouse store can save a lot of money for you; but with a little effort, you can beat the lowest prices of a retailer by purchasing wholesale.

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