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Abstract Carvings and Balinese Masks

In modern society, masks are seen as a way to cover up something, whether it is an ugly face or an ugly personality. We take these masks for granted and see them as a material thing to be used and played with. In some parts of the world and particularly in Bali, however, masks are sacred. They are more than just a material that is carved or designed. They are important and even have a life of their own. Each mask has its own personality, own characteristic and own story to tell.

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wholesale home decor, wholesale gift, wholeale home decoration

What are the Balinese masks?

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Woford Falls to Wisonsin

Wofford College lost to Wisconsin University of the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Wisconsin was ahead by 8 points at the first half of the game but Wofford University shifted gears and made a stunning 12-4 run late in the game with four minutes left. However, Wisconsin was too strong with there defense and eventually, Wofford University succumb to defeat. Trevon Hughes led the Badgers with19 points for Wisconsin, including 12 of the Wisconsin’s first 21 points. Wisonsin Forward Jon Leuer, who played 40 minutes, scored 20 points, including a jumper and two free throws in the final 17 seconds,

Saint Patrick, St. Patrick, St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

March 17 461 AD the day Saint Patrick of Ireland died is celebrated by all people of Irish descent until today. It is a celebration that has been continued since the 1600s. This day is dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland, a priest who made a great impact on the spreading of Christianity across Ireland. St. Patrick’s life showed perseverance and determination during harsh times as he traveled from Ireland to England when he studied there as a priest then back to the coast of Ireland where he started his mission in spreading Christianity.St. Patrick's Day

Information about tie dye

For the upcoming young generations there are many fashion dresses found in the market outlet. In order to attract the teenage community many fashion designs encrypted in the dress materials by form of patterns. These patterns are made out of tie dye. This tie dye will give several colors which attract youngsters. There are many process like crumpling, pleating and folding practiced to form new designs and patterns.

The tie dye is applicable to natural fabrics like cotton garments or rayon clothing. The tie dye will not be applicable to synthetic material. In today’s fashion world cotton tee shirts are most adorable one. The fashion community wears different shades of cotton tee shirts where you can entertain maximum number of color combination in the tee shirts. The tie dye is also applicable to silk scarves, bed sheets, blouses skirts and pants.

Beads from Bali

Bali is not just a destination spot but it also houses some of the most famous artisans in the world when it comes to producing world class fashion jewelry. The art of crafting these beads have been passed down from generation to generation along with its secrets that separate it from the rest of the fashion accessories available today in the market.

What are beads anyway?

Beads are one of the most famous jewelry accessories today. They come in different shapes, sizes and designs. They are different based on what, how and where they are made. Western and Asian countries have their own way of making beads to make them unique. Beads are made of different components and are inspired by different themes. Some are made of crystals while others have tribal designs.

Trends in clothing

Clothing style in older days may not be as sound and catchy as people used to be earlier days. The people who consider being modern nowadays may be addiction to some of the older styles that were followed now in the recent past.
Jeans during 1970’s
This is the period when jeans took the fashion world and made many of the women’s to wear tight jeans and tube socks style. The outcome of bikinis in much more glamour style took the course of the action.
Style of Silhouettes
Bell bottoms, muu muu style were some of the adverse style in fashion designing during the year of 1970.
Introduction of Skirts
The period of 1970 saw the introduction of many dresses like mini skirts, maxi dresses, eveningwear, empire dresses, Angel flight suits and designed sleeve dresses. The people who are in older stages got many option of wearing the evening wear dresses. The dresses were so comfortable that it allowed the reduction of tightness and many of them liked it. For men’s they had a chance of wearing the shirts which of satin material with style of having big sized collars. Moreover the hippies all around the world practiced to wear the kaftans, kimonos and muu muu’s freely made dresses which made so familiar in that period. The fashion trends in late 70’s comprised of the dresses which elaborated the comfort ness of being free ness in the body and was so lighter to wear the dresses.
Among many models that struck during the period of 1970 were includes bell bottom pants, high waist banana jeans, Capris, Evening wear, Chemin de fer jeans, jumpsuits, army jackets, Suede jackets with fringes, and high waist jeans with glitter socks.
The teenage girls followed the style of wearing the dresses like knee length peasant shirts. This usually comes with brilliant red in color. It attracted many followers of the fashion designers. Gypsy tops with light texture materials in dark colored made much more impact on fashion of late 1970’s. The peasant skirts helped many teenagers in tackling the hot summer. Awesome dress materials like knee length peasant skirts with amazing red color and baby pink color made hot fashion in the year of 1970.
Another dress which made limelight in the year 1970 was wraparound skirt. This skirt made up of cotton fabric which favored to use this dress in fighting against the hot climate of summer. V necked tank tops with trendy colors made entry during the year of 1970. The Corduroys dress material with colors of brown and green made swashbuckling entry in to the year of 2000. It is generally termed as poor man’s velvet. The other late entry in the fashion world was Cheesecloth dress material with shrink appearance also hit the local market. The men have brought momentum in wearing the Hang Ten satin jackets and leopard skin pattern dresses.


The cultures of the world can be divided into the Eastern and the Western. Mostly the culture reflects the country from which the people originate .However there is a lot of similarity among the westerners and the Easterners. First of all we can guess a person’s nationality from his or her appearance, and then comes the dress, then when we move closer the eating habits, language, rituals they follow, etc. Basically being human beings we all have certain things in common, but still we can differentiate certain things .Now a days dress can’t be the criteria to differentiate since everybody wears the dress available in the place where they live in.
The eating habits differ from country to country. Rice is the staple food for Eastern countries and they prefer to eat cooked vegetables, where as the Westerners prefer to eat bakery items, fresh raw vegetables, rich cakes desserts etc. Language is a big bar between the countries. Each country has many languages but luckily English is the common language throughout the world except a few European countries. Without language it will be difficult to communicate with each other. It is always better to know the common language.
Life style varies from place to place. People living in big cities lead a fast life whereas in small places they live a quiet lethargic life. In order to survive in this fast world we have to change according to the modern trend and go ahead. The other culture reflecting thing is sports and entertainment. Different countries have different type of entertainment .like dances, music, musical instruments. And people sing in their way depending upon where they originate from Cinemas are a type of entertainment which depicts the culture of the people .Oscar awards are given to integrate the various cultures of the world. Cinemas and dramas are encouraged to spread the culture of the different parts of the world.
In Western countries the people live as they wish and Divorces and remarriages are quiet common. Whereas in the Eastern countries the people are more family oriented and prefer to live together as one family .It is mainly because of the religion they follow which preaches them a morality and a principle which they are forced to follow. Without proper regulation the life will go like a river without barriers on either side.
In the modern world people move around from one place to other easily and hence the drift in the culture since they tend to change certain habits due to the place where they migrate. But still it is always better to remember the place where we come from and follow our principles in life wherever we are to lead a happy and peaceful life.

Music of Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with mixture of culture and socio entity, many tourists all around the world visits the country and experience the mixed culture. Several islands like Sumatra, Java and Bali are famous for their traditional Indonesia music.


Gamelan is one of the quality Indonesia music. It is otherwise called as Indonesia orchestra. Gamelan was originated by Javanese king in the late third century and music recited in the royal court of king palace. Metallo phone, drum, gongs, ketuk, kenong and kempu are some of the musical tools that were used in reciting Gamelan. The gong ageng is regarded as soul of Gamelan music.


Cashmere shawls are one of the different kinds of clothes that get special attention. Being extraordinary clothing it needs extra care to keep it clean. The fibers used to make the shawl are so delicate that even dry cleaning damages the cloth. So dry cleaning should be done only when it is really necessary. The professional cleaners use certain chemicals which when exposed to the cloth for a long time will cause damage to the material and make them feel dry and brittle.
Get it cleaned by a professional dry cleaner if some strong strain is formed in the cloth or it is decorated with some sequins and beads and so difficult to clean at home.. It prevents snagging and tearing.
If the stain is minor then the cashmere shawl can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water by hand provided the label does not say it is meant for dry cleaning only. While washing see to it the colored items are separated so that the dye bleeding from one does not spoil the other item. Bleach is allergic to this cashmere shawl material since it is too harsh for a delicate material like cashmere shawl.
For cleaning the Cashmere shawl at home, soak it in soapy water to loosen the grime for some time. If the strain is heavy use a wash cloth to pat the soiled areas to help remove the dirt. Rubbing at a particular spot is not advisable since it will show up after washing. Cold water can be used to rinse the material after removal of stain and then drip dried without stretching the fabric. The excess water after washing can be removed by gently rolling it out on large, soft towel. Once dried, it can be ironed in coolest setting; placing a cloth over it and turning it upside down. Using iron directly may ruin the cloth.
Hand washing the Cashmere shawl at home has its own disadvantages that it may not come out that clean as you expected or due to some accidents the shawl gets damaged. So to be on the safe side ,if you are not confident enough go to the best professional dry cleaners who will get it clean and neat for you to wear
Hand washing is safe and easy if you know the knack of it. You can try one or two shawls and if you are confident then you can wash all the other shawls. Try for color fastness by dipping a portion of the cloth in water first and if it looses color wash it separately so that it does not damage the other clothes to be washed.

Adore the Pashmina Shawls

There are millions of question asked before we proceed, are you in search of a ideal gift for any woman engaged in your life? Do you wonder about the gift you are going to decide, when her cabinet is dumped with clothes of various textures?

For answering all this questions it is always better to hear some suggestions. It is not more clothes that you can gift. Instead of adding more clothes in the closet, especially if she is a lover of variety of clothes, why do not you gift her with a pashmina shawl or scarf. She certainly will cherish and it simultaneously is a great financial sense in your pocket.

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