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Stunning Java 2

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Stunning Java 1

Java the most densely populated island is the fifth largest island in Indonesia. The culture of Java dates back to centuries and located to the west of the island is Jakarta the Indonesian capital. Java is divided into four provinces: East Java with its capital being Surabaya, Central Java with its capital of Semarang, West Java with the capital city being Bandung, and Banten whose capital is Serang. The major ethnic unit is Javanese. But they do not live in the western part of Java, where Sundanese occupy the most of the area. Two cities with a special status (Daerah Istemewa) are the cities of Jakarta and Yogyakarta.
The Main Cities
Surabaya: It is the second largest city in Indonesia and an industrial centre.In the war of independence against the Dutch this city played a major role. Ijen Plateau and Gunung Bromo are situated close to Surabaya and it can be base place to visit these two tourist sites. .
Yogyakarta: This is a friendly city and the centre for Javanese art and culture. Kraton is the place of tourist importance along with the silverworks. It is in the outskirts of this city the second largest Buddhist monument of South East Asia known as Borobudur. The famous hindu temple complex Prambanan is just a twelve kilometer ride from the city centre.

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Information’s about tie dye

For the upcoming young generations there are many fashion dresses found in the market outlet. In order to attract the teenage community many fashion designs encrypted in the dress materials by form of patterns. These patterns are made out of tie dye. This tie dye will give several colors which attract youngsters. There are many process like crumpling, pleating and folding practiced to form new designs and patterns.

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Middle Ages Clothing Designs
Those of us who are very conscious of fashion are lucky to be living in the 21st century. If we were to be taken to the Middle Ages for a day, we would not enjoy what we would wear. What was the Yves Saint Laurent at the time? Read on…

During the time, people wore clothes that symbolized their social status. If you were a poor person, you would wear what you could afford and vice versa. The opulent people could be distinguished by their affluent robes and designs. Different countries had different designs that were popular among their people. In this article, you will learn about the common designs that were popular during the Middle Ages period.

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The physical features of Bali 2

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The physical features of Bali 1

Indonesia stands fourth in the population, about 203 million citizens. It is one of the largest Muslim countries in the world, nearly 90% are Muslims. And it comprises of 250 ethnic sects. Indonesia is a chain of islands, where there are more than 13,677 and among them only 3,000 are filled with people. The effect of Dutch colonialism, the latest innovations are possible for them. The capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta. Indonesia stands one among the leading oil production.
Bali is situated in the middle of the Republic of Indonesia. Bali is an island and the smallest province of Indonesia. The area of Bali is above 5,000sq km, otherwise, .29% of Indonesian area. It is situated 8 to 9 degrees south to the equator and lies in between 114.6 and 115.5 in the east longitude. Within this space it has nearly 1,500 small villages. The popular Wallace line separates Bali to Lombok, in the east and Java Island in the west.

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Facts of Indonesia

Indonesia ranks up as 16th biggest country with regard to total land area. Due to presence of active volcanoes, there are several occurrence of earthquake which often causes damage to their country. It stands third biggest island of the world. Sumatra Island considered being sixth biggest island in the whole universe. It also shares the 5th rank in world’s highest island. Indonesia tops in production of nutmeg to the world consumers. More number of foreign tourist flock to this country. The tourism in Indonesia favors income to the government. Due to its tropical climate and diversification of culture many tourists visit this country. Punkcak jaya is the highest point in Indonesia situated in the highlands of Papua.

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Tattoos are like stickers impressed in the hands with a needle and an ink. These can’t be removed like a sticker but they stay life long in the hand. So in olden days and even in this modern world people have the habit of putting tattoos in their hands. They write their names, sometimes lovers’ names or some symbols like spider, scorpion etc in their hands. Since they were warriors they had impression of war weapons used in those days in their hands. These symbols show that they belong to that group. The Celts were not exception to such tradition. They wore their Celtic symbols in their hands and walked around proudly.

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Its April Fools day!

Everybody should brace themselves for it’s that time of the year again, and I’m not talking about summer or the global warming-induced heat! It’s actually April Fools day and the whole world is set to sabotage one another with a variety of tricks and pranks meant to entertain and bring a slight degree of embarrassment to the lucky recipient of what should be an innocent practical joke, all in line with the tradition that is April Fools.

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